Attack of the Beast Creatures Attack of the Beast Creatures
"Words really cannot accurately describe just how ridiculous these attack scenes are. They are just an absurd orgy of total chaos with actors screaming and thrashing about with a bunch of toy dolls. You simply have to see it to believe it." (

Blood Freak Blood Freak
"Any movie this ridiculous, amateurish, and just plain awful is well worth viewing. It's the only movie I know that combines a Christian anti-drug message with a staggeringly inept monster movie script." (
Blood Red Planet Blood Red Planet
"The finished product is only "watchable" in the broadest possible sense: Yes, if I put it in my VCR, my eyes can see it. But the fact that they would show this to people outside their immediate circle of friends is just plain embarrassing." (

The Brain That Wouldn't Die Brain That Wouldn't Die, The
"On the surface it appears to be nothing more than a cheesy, sleazy 1960s b-movie, but Brain shows a shameless and deranged imagination that pushes it into the realm of the genuinely strange." (

Cade: The Tortured Crossing Cade: The Tortured Crossing
"I appreciate that Neil puts himself out there time after time despite the vitriol from the internet, he's an authentic artist and something of a savant and he never lets lack of funding, materials or proper distribution stop him." (

Curse of the Screaming Dead Curse of the Screaming Dead
"Very few films are this poorly acted, this ineptly filmed, or this incoherently plotted. We might not be in "worst movie ever made" territory, but we're not very far from the border. However, unlike Night of Horror, this film actually does have a plot." (

Dangerous Men Dangerous Men
"One of the few films genuinely capable of inflicting simultaneous brain damage and pure ecstasy in its audience, this lunatic action film was self-distributed by its director, Persian emigre John S. Rad." (

Death Bed: The Bed That Eats Death Bed: The Bed That Eats
"Completed in 1977, this 'forgotten horror classic' was never officially released. Legend has it that director George Barry had no idea anyone had even seen the picture until he Googled himself and found a bunch of websites raving about it." (

Dracula 3000 Dracula 3000
"The sets look like they're made of painted television boxes, the acting is consistently atrocious, the special effects are woefully amateurish (that's me being nice), the entire concept is riddled with retardation from the very start." (

Dungeons & Dragons Dungeons & Dragons
"Jeremy Irons seemed to realize what junk he was in, and had a grand ol' time hamming up, over acting, and becoming the best performance in the film. His sorcerer gone mad in his lust for power and dragon control is fun to watch, hilarious at times." (

Feeders Feeders
"This is not a film that really need be seen by human beings for any of the usual reasons, but it does serve a useful purpose in that it provides a standard against which all other things can be measured and valued." (
Feeders 2: Slay Bells Feeders 2: Slay Bells
"This film serves to illustrate just why it is absurd to go flagrantly labeling films the worst ever in a haphazard, willy-nilly fashion. There is always a lower depth to which you can sink, but this film really challenges that notion within an inch of its life." (

Fight of Fury Fight of Fury
"Shuny Bee’s attempt at a Bruce-politation like film is definitely one for the curious, but this vanity project has its moments of unintentional laughs despite a serious story and some 80’s throwback action." (

Freddie Got Fingered Freddie Got Fingered
"Freddie Got Fingered is awkward, uncomfortable and terrible, but at the same time it's hilarious to where I laugh and I can't breathe. The vibe I get from the movie is: A man who lost a bet is forced to do a Hollywood movie, and he does not want to." (

Future War Future War
"You'll be hard pressed to find a movie with so many unintentional laughs. It's like every scene has at least one thing that either doesn't make sense, or is just so incredibly stupid that it doesn't seem true." (

GetEven GetEven
"The vanity project bears all the tell-tale signs of a wannabe actor so frustrated with years of rejection that he vowed to "show them all" every drop of his untapped potential." (

Hawk the Slayer Hawk the Slayer
"Hawk The Slayer is your typical early 80's sword 'n' sorcery goofiness with the only real difference between this and many of its ilk the fact that it managed to get Oscar winning actor Jack Palance to co-star as the movie's evil baddie Voltan." (

Hercules Against the Moon Men Hercules Against the Moon Men
"It's a bit clumsy looking, as you can often expect from an Italian genre movie like this one. In it's era many movies like this got made and you can say that the Italians sort of founded the genre in the '50's." (

I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle
"Cheap and cheerful on every level, I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle is full of bargain basement gore, cheeky cockney thrills and bikers galore. If you're a fan of classic bikes you'll cringe at the vehicular abuse but there is plenty to enjoy." (

Jack and Jill Jack and Jill
"There was no effort put into any part of the production whatsoever aside from obtaining product placement revenue. If you haven't watched Jack and Jill, I strongly recommend you do so. It's such an overtly fraudulent production that it will change the way you think about movie production." (

King Kong Escapes King Kong Escapes
"But the clashes between these rather sad creatures are as well choreographed as anything in Toho's more reputable contemporary monster films, and the climactic duel between the two Kongs as they scale Tokyo Tower is honestly fairly exciting." (

Mr. Boogie Mr. Boogie
"Comedies are about problems arising where things usually go smoothly. Because there is a huge gap between the real world and what is depicted in the film, Mr. Boogie comes off not funny, but awkward and grotesque." (

Nemesis Nemesis
"The action scenes are so vivid, so creative, so fucking crazy it's amazing to watch. Using a lof steadicam and twisted angles, slow-mo and gorgeous wide shots of the mayhem, this is still stands out as one of the best in the genre." (
Night of Horror Night of Horror
"Campers talk to Confederate ghosts. That's it. Literally, that's the whole movie. Now imagine these five words stretched out to fill more than seventy minutes without any embellishment whatsoever, and you have Night of Horror." (

Partners Partners
"I think the first time through we were just shell-shocked. I have no idea what this movie is about. It's the epitome of what makes a good bad movie and we encourage everyone to get their copy of Partners." (

The Phantom Planet Phantom Planet, The
"It's a goofy old film with dreadful acting, though now & then it is almost dramatic, especially an early sequence when an astronaut murmuring biblical verses sacrifices his life so that his co-pilot might live." (

Plan 9 from Outer Space Plan 9 from Outer Space
"Wood stands out, even among his peers, because he imbued his films with his own personality. Even in his later films, when his energy had been zapped by one personal defeat after another, there is still no mistaking Wood's hand in the recipe." (

Raw Force Raw Force
"Wow. This film actually exists outside the realm of any kind of normal film evaluation as Raw Force smashes together every single exploitation element that could be sold at drive-ins in the early '80s." (
Robo Vampire Robo Vampire
"Well, it would be wrong to call it two bad movies spliced together shoddily, because it's actually two half movies spliced together shoddily. Neither benefit from the fusion, but they wouldn't stay coherent on their own either." (

Robot in the Family Robot in the Family
"It’s not just that the story behind this movie is retarded beyond belief, which it most certainly is, but also that it’s edited in such a way where you’re never entirely sure what exactly is supposed to be going on." (

Robot Monster Robot Monster
"It's hard to believe so much could go so completely awry in a movie that isn't even 70 minutes long. On the technical front - acting, continuity, sets, special effects, etc. - there is almost literally nothing about Robot Monster that does work." (

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
"Everything from the cardboard robot to the cardboard South Pole to the cardboard cast to the painfully catchy theme song "Hooray for Santy Claus" simply demands that you watch this film at least once." (

Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity
"Still, director Ken Dixon and his crew do a good job at not taking any of this too seriously, and Slave Girls benefits much from its wink/nudge B-movie aspirations, in that in never really attempts to be anything but silly and farcical in nature." (

Suburban Sasquatch Suburban Sasquatch
"This is a tremendously goofy movie. However, if you love cheap badness, or just enjoy sasquatch-related entertainment, you're definitely in the right place." (

Tammy and the T-Rex Tammy and the T-Rex
"Go into Tammy and the T-Rex expecting dumb fun of the highest order, and you should have a blast. It's unapologetic in its 1990s sensibilities of ribald and off-color humor" (

Terror in Beverly Hills Terror in Beverly Hills
"In the end, Terror in Beverly Hills is a ton of silly and absurd fun, and despite its limited resources, it is vastly better than The Taking of Beverly Hills (1991). If you only see one movie where something bad happens to Beverly Hills, see this one." (

Trapped in the Closet Trapped in the Closet
"A work of unadulterated, if perhaps unintentional, genius. What begins as a stereotypical melodrama quickly escalates into an epic farce which gleefully subverts our conception of what is possible and impossible." (Amazon user review)

Twisted Pair Twisted Pair
"I have just completed TWISTED is all DONE !!!! The editing , post production, special effects , music ,'s ALL DONE !!!! Very different than my past 4 films . BIGGER ,BETTER , ACTION, UNIQUE !!!" (

Wicked World Wicked World
"Wicked World is one of the strangest passion project films you're ever likely to see. It's bleak, nihilistic and twisted but so too is it so completely off the wall that you can't help but get wrapped up in all of it." (
Wild World of Batwoman, The Wild World of Batwoman, The
"I think I've found the worst intentional comedy ever put on film, as well as the worst superhero movie ever. Come with me on my journey into the heart of darkness, better known as the world of Jerry Warren." (

Wish Upon Wish Upon
"I cannot say enough good things about Wish Upon. It is up there with The Room, Troll 2, it is up there with the best b-movies of all time. It is that bad and that fascinating in how incompetent and horribly executed and ill-advised it is." (

Zombie '90: Extreme Pestilence Zombie '90: Extreme Pestilence
"It's not clear who dubbed the movie. It is clear that this person had no script, usually paid no attention to what was happening onscreen, and maybe fell asleep a few times. A generic, no-budget zombie movie is mutated into a non-stop pleasuredome." (


Eine Liste mit Filmen, an denen ich momentan interessiert bin. Dazu gibt es jeweils gibt es ein kurzes Zitat aus externen Rezensionen.

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